Mission Statement


We are the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium (GLMCC) and it is our intent to promulgate and share the work of Michael Chekhov. The consortium concept fits perfectly well with theatre in general but especially with the work of Michael Chekhov in that he celebrated collaboration as imperative in our art. As teachers certified in the Michael Chekhov Technique we are committed to presenting the most comprehensive instruction available to theatre artists. As practitioners we are committed to maintaining original precepts of Chekhov’s work while evolving the technique through constant collaboration with other Chekhov teachers and practitioners the world over. GLMCC takes complete joy in our mission and seeks to instill this atmosphere in all artists associated with us.


    There is no art without joy. M. Chekhov


Welcome to the home of the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium.

To learn more about our Teacher Certification Program and for registration information please click on this link or visit our Events and News page:http://www.kent.edu/cde/summer/michael-chekhov-acting-technique-certified-teacher-program